Thea Trussler

Thea and Lee will demonstrate some of the basic training techniques used with Assistance Dogs. Thea will explain the motivation, the science of why dogs connect with humans particularly when the human is stressed and what some of the skills the dog utilizes actually changes the person’s anxiety. This talk helps explain why service and assistance dogs are sought after for mental health supports worldwide.

Thea Trussler has moved to Ireland from Canada and was a key employee for National Service Dogs. She assessed people for suitability to partner with a service dog for autism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She also tested dogs in service on an annual basis according to Assistance Dog’s International standards. She is an international speaker, trainer and research assistant on the topic of mental health applications of service dogs.

Lee Buckley is the owner and trainer at Lee Dog Training in Midleton. He has extensive certifications in canine behaviour training, puppy, obedience and nutrition. His facility will be the location for future Assistance Dog training of family pets.