Pawfect by Jake

Pawfect by Jake is a small Irish pet accessory brand designed and developed by animal lover David Fitzpatrick. Inspired by his special rescue pup Jake who absolutely loves his adventures along the water and we wanted to design something robust, comfortable and fun for doggy’s to wear on their adventures while maintained their quirky characters and personalities.

Supporting the local economy has been our priority and we can proudly say that each bandana has been handmade right here in Dublin with much love and care. The durable, quirky, high quality and pet friendly fabrics have also been ethically sourced here in Ireland , along with our packaging which is fully recyclable!

We believe that every pet deserves to be loved dearly like our friend Jake and we strongly support the “adopt don’t shop” concept! Pawfect by Jake will support charities that contribute to re-homing abandoned dogs across Ireland by donating a percentage of our profits each month to a nominated organisation.

We hope you love our fabrics and prints and we also look forward to growing and expanding our range.