Park Life

At PARK LIFE we pride ourselves on making great tasting, guilt free treats, with more benefits than you can shake a stick at!

Our Range includes…

BixThe World’s most wholesome dog biscuits, made with a unique seed-based recipe, in a range of playful varieties! So good even human can munch them!

Fris-Bix: “Frisbee” shaped biscuits, for throwing, catching, and playful snacking. 

Love-Bix: Heart shaped cookies with no added sugar for rewarding good behaviour, or just to say “I love you”.

Chill-Bix: Star shaped biscuits with calming properties, for boisterous dogs, or when it’s time to Petflix & Chill…Zzz.

Milk Bones:

Long-lasting “super chews”, made with human quality milk protein. Each bone-shaped chew helps to relieve boredom for up to 1 hour, while cleaning teeth and supporting strong muscles and bones.