Omuu Petfood

Designed by an Irish Vet, Omuu is Ireland’s premium insect protein dog food. Insect protein is regarded as a supernutrient and a high grade protein source, containing more protein than chicken breast, more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk.At Omuu, we believe in prevention before cure. Starting on a premium diet early can help prevent medical problems in the future. Omuu contains high omega-3 to protect the skin and coat, high antioxidants to protect against disease and a dental protectant to reduce tartar build up. We design our recipes based on science and years of Veterinary experience.
Omuu is also Ireland’s most environmentally friendly dog food. Insect farming produces less greenhouse gas emission compared to cattle and chicken farming. Omuu also uses 100% recyclable packaging and with every purchase we donate €1 of profits to an Amazonian conservation charity.Help your dog and save the planet at the same time. Check us out to learn more