My Lovely Horse Rescue

The charity was founded by sisters Martina Kenny, Deborah Kenny and singer Cathy Davey in 2011. It started with four rescue horses and since that day we have created a safe haven for our rescued animals. We believe that all animals have a life worth living.  

We are one of the largest rescues in Ireland in terms of the volume of animals we care for and the largest dedicated horse rescue in the country. 

We have three farms, our main MLHR farm in Kildare, our My Lovely Pig Farm (one of Ireland’s only pig rescues) in Kildare and MLHR farm in Cork. We rescue, rehabilitate, love, and rehome hundreds of equines (as well as pigs, goats, dogs, and the occasional bird) every year. We operate 24/7, 365 days and are made up predominantly of volunteers from all walks of life, all over Ireland. Our main farm in Kildare currently has over 200 rescues, with a couple hundred more out with loving foster families awaiting their forever homes. Currently, we have 800 rescues in our care. 

We are involved in education programme, working with schools and different community groups and we look for support from the government to help with the rising equine and canine issues in Ireland. To help us continue to rescue, help with communities on education, and work with government agencies such as the county councils and Gardai to ensure implementation of current legislation.