MADRA rescues and rehabilitates unwanted, neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs. We focus on taking in dogs from the local authority pounds and when possible we try to provide a rehoming service for people who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances like illness or homelessness and sadly have to give up their beloved pet. We are dedicated to looking after the dogs in our care and finding them permanent, loving homes. We provide many other related services to the public such as educational talks in schools and we also work with other charities to provide emergency canine accommodation for the dogs of people who find themselves homeless or in domestic abuse shelters.  

Ultimately we want to help create a world where MADRA and rescues like us are no longer needed and so we make it our mission to educate, influence, advocate, and support. With our huge community of supporters, we do this as a dedicated team. Integrity, compassion, and having a progressive outlook all influence and inform everything we do as a rescue, as a team, and as advocates for animal care and welfare.