Hounds and Heli's

Hounds and Heli’s is the Search and Rescue Dog Sports specialists. Hounds and Heli’s is owned by Éadaoin and Adrian who are both extensively experienced in search and rescue with over 30 years combined service between them.

Adrian has worked with the Waterford based Irish Coast Guard R117 for 20 years, volunteered with Mountain and Lowland Rescue teams and worked alongside search and rescue dogs professionally and as a volunteer. Éadaoin is an operational dog handler who has trained internationally with some of the best instructors in the world.  Over the past 10 years, Éadaoin has deployed on over a hundred callouts in both Ireland and the UK for Mountain and Lowland Rescue with multiple operational finds. Éadaoin is the training officer for an operational search dog team and is also a certified Mantrailing Instructor with Mantrailing Global.

We run regular workshops and development weekends for SAR teams, hosting 3 in 2023 alone covering Mantrailing, Open Area Live Person Search and Cadaver SAR Dog training.

Having recognised the value of a sports version of this training for pet dogs, Hounds and Heli’s now also run search sports workshops and classes.  

Pet dogs benefit enormously from this sport, and because of how it’s set up all dogs of all sizes and temperaments can enjoy using their primary function (scent)safely.  We have had many dogs referred from canine behaviour practitioners to this sport to help with a variety of issues.

Born of our 30+ years real life experience we know the importance of good, reliable, easily kept equipment, and to that end we make just that.   A large selection of long lines, collars and leads in an array of interesting colours and combinations that can be customised to your preference is also available from Hounds and Heli’s.  Equipment that’s dependable enough for the professionals and pretty enough to be suitable for even the most pampered of pooches.

Come join us at Pups in the Park for our SAR Dog demos and see how the training is done. We’ll also be giving an expert talk on the training and deployment of SAR Dogs in Ireland.

Come chat with Ireland’s Search and Rescue (SAR) Dogs sports specialists.

Pups in the Park is where you can start your adventure with Hounds and Heli’s.