Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare

Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare is the most exciting, safe and enjoyable daycare for your fluffy four legged friends where they can socialise, gain confidence, build those unbreakable friendships and so much more. We are located just 3 minutes outside of Naas on the Kilcullen Road.

At the Daycare, we offer many services such as a friendly, safe and loving daycare, a collection and drop off service covering the Naas / Sallins area, a treatment area that focuses on the paws, eyes and ears of the daycare goers, and a reception area stocked with everything you need for your dog from healthy dog food brands such as Burns & Hills Science Plan dry kibble and wet food, more exciting toys, balls and healthy treats than your dog can handle. We also stock various hygiene and grooming products, all at very affordable prices.

To ensure that our Daycare is the best place for your dog, our Daycare Assistants come with many years of working and volunteering with local pet charities, a devoted love for all dog breeds and the ability to treat your dog as our own with an unconditional and highly dedicated level of love and adoration.

At Daycare, we focus on ensuring that your dog is 100% comfortable, well treated and fed a healthy amount of their lunch that is brought in by mom or dad in the morning, that the dogs are socializing to the best of their ability and in the safest way possible while at the same time learning and following basic commands that are thought on site on a daily basis.

Upon collection time, we are known for our customer service and time given to allow for informative chats with owners, ensuring that every owner is well informed as to how their dog got on in daycare that day, providing wellness, nutritional and obedience advice where requested.

If you’re interested in signing your dog up for a complete two hours assessment to see if they’re suitable for such a busy daycare, please contact our team on 0851549166.