Marlay Park : Yes there will be additional free car parking available, please enter via the College Road Entrance to avail of the additional free event parking. 

Cork Show Grounds : Yes there is complimentary parking in the venue, the event is accessed by car off Curraheen Road.

No, unfortunately we cannot facilitate the exchange of tickets for different dates. 

You can bring as many dogs as you wish as long as you are able to responsibly control them.

Yes, as the team behind Taste of Dublin there will be a tasty range of food vendors to keep humans as happy as their pups; from burgers and the tastiest cheese toasties and vegan offering to an authentic taste of Mexico, coffee, sweet treats and more! Feel free to also bring a packed lunch.

Yes, your dogs must always remain on a leash except when enjoying our off-leash area.

Pups in the Park is fully accessible, however, we would like to stress that the venue is a green field site and visitors will be accessing all features on grass.

Disabled visitors are entitled to free entry for a carer; you only need to purchase a ticket for yourself.

Yes you can, you will be given a wristband upon arrival which you must keep on if you wish to leave an re-enter. 

For information about exhibiting at the event, contact us at info@pupsinthepark.ie

There is no campervan parking available on-site at the Dublin or Cork event. However, there are some campervan sites near-by for both.

In Dublin these include Camac Valley, West Weir Parking and Harbour Public Car Park.

In Cork these include Five Foot Way Campervans in Cobh and Mahon Drive Car Park.


  • Please consider the temperament and socialisation of your dog before visiting the event. It is important to understand this may be a new environment for your dog(s) with lots of people, dogs and activity happening.
  • Please ensure your dog is transported to the event in a safe and secure manner. Follow all relevant transport guidelines relating to transport of animals.
  • Your dog(s) welfare and behaviour is your full responsibility whilst at the event. 
  • You must never leave your dog(s) unattended whilst at the event. 
  • Your dog(s) must always remain under control and on a leash except whilst enjoying our off-leash areas.
  • Please be aware of your dog(s) breed and follow guidelines around muzzle wearing as required. 
  • Harsh or rough handling of any dog(s) at the event will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. 
  • Dog(s) must be vaccinated. 
  • Female dogs in heat/ season must not attend the event. 
  • If you wish for your dog to take part in any of the have-a-go activities, please consider their health history and if that particular activity is suitable for them. 
  • Ensure your dog is hydrated during the event by using our water stations throughout the venue.
  • You must clean up after your dog, there will be dog waste disposal units throughout the venue. Please bring your own dog waste bags.
  • Yellow Ribbon Project: Should your dog be anxious or need more space you can take a yellow ribbon from our Box Office to tie around their lead/ collar as a signal to others. Find out more here

Please see the regulations below for further details:

  • Litter Pollution Acts, 1997 – 2009
  • Control of Dogs Act, 1986
  • Control of Dogs (Amendment) Act, 1992
  • Control of Dogs Regulations 1998

As is the nature of Irish weather we unfortunately cannot guarantee sunshine and this is an outdoor event set on grassland.
We advise all Pups in the Park visitors to bring extra provisions for all weather types, this can include everything from wellies and rain coats to sun cream and hats; so bring it all to make sure a bit of ‘four seasons in one day’ doesn’t affect your dogtastic day out!