The DSPCA is a registered charity, established in 1840 to prevent cruelty to animals. We are Ireland’s largest and oldest animal welfare organisation. We exist uniquely to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sick, injured and cruelly treated animals. We are committed to making it socially unacceptable to mistreat any animal. Our team of inspectors works closely with Government Agencies and Authorities to help strengthen the law on animal welfare in Ireland and influence decision making. 

The DSPCA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes over 2,500 animals each year through our services in the community. Our team of animal welfare inspectors and call-center receives thousands of calls annually from members of the public alerting us to situations of animals that need our help. We help all animals both domestic and wildlife. 

Our vet team works 7 days a week providing veterinary care, lifesaving surgeries and performs over 3000 neutering operations through our neutering programmes each year. They also provide ongoing care and veterinary support to over 300 animals in our fostering programme.