Doug's Shirts

Doug’s Shirts specialises in creating bespoke replica sports jerseys for dogs. We are the first to obtain an official licence from the GAA to create Official Merchandise for Pet Apparel. Founded in 2020, Doug’s shirts is inspired by Douglas, the beagle who loves wearing comfortable shirts and would select his own OOTD from his wardrobe. Combine with his Dads’ passion for sports, the fam came up with the idea to create sports jerseys specifically designed for dogs.  

Doug’s Shirts has now expanded to other sports clubs with collaborations with Bohemians, Cork City FC, Blackpool FC, Shrewsbury FC, Wigan FC and Sheffield United FC with more teams lined up in the near future.  

Doug’s Shirts is a product of Doug’s World Limited. A company registered in Ireland. All designs are original and created in Ireland.