Anne Shuker

Anne Shuker has had animals since childhood and is currently living on her farm in the UK with her three dogs, Freckle, Scally and Moonshine. Anne has always trained her dogs to be sociable, well behaved and to perform excellent tricks. Anne has qualified for Crufts with her dogs, competing in events such as HeelWork to music freestyle and partaking in demonstrations. 

Freckle was rescued from Ashbourne Animal Welfare, Derbyshire UK a wonderful character, always full of joy, very loyal and loving. Additionally, Freckle has been into school to help reluctant readers gain confidence as she sits with them listening to the story they read. She is a very loving and gentle dog with young people. In March, Freckle competed in her sixth and seventh Crufts final. 

Scally is a nine-year-old Jack Russell who is one of the original members of the Russeller team in Obreedience. He has competed in obreedience competitions as a member of this team since Jack Russells were first recognised by the Kennel Club in 2016.